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Available for consulting and/or development work, Tim is focused on building modern research tools that are fast, cheap, eat big data for breakfast, and have analyzed data ready by lunch.

Tim lives in Portland, Oregon.

phone212.203.6992 [PST Business Hours]


Quantitative: The best quantitative research is invisible. What does this mean? By asking the question you have already biased the respondent. The solution? Use a combination of passive observation and bio-metrics in a controlled, hypothesis based study. Modern technology leaves a multitude of digital breadcrumbs we can track, from GPS location to search history, allowing the researcher to passively use implicit measures and bio-metric response to stimuli. Thanks to APIs and Python, analysis can generally be done in real-time and delivered live to a dashboard.

Qualitative: The most common research mistake is not a wrong answer, it is asking the wrong question. Using webcams, cellphone surveys, and social media mining, it's now possible to fully understand the user POV in hours or days. Qualitative can also be done at scale now, making it look a lot more like quant research.





The IPG Media Lab provided hands-on experience during Tim's years as the VP of Development for custom research.
Book learning was supplied by PDX Code Guild, where Tim completed a 16-week full-stack developer course with an emphasis on Python, JavaScript, and Django.

Front End

Back End

Research Specific Tech

As you can see in the chart below, there is a weak but noticeable correlation between my enthusiasm for the various technology and research skills I posess, and the skill level I have attained for each skill. It is up for debate as to which factor is causal.

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A nerd with a knack for words, Tim's college major was English Literature. Having written a novel (available on Amazon Kindle), and many marketing text books for MarketingSherpa, Tim is as able to write about his findings as he is to find them in the first place. If you are looking to turn raw data into content written for humans, Tim is the man for the job.

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