Market Research
Product Management
UX Testing
Web App Development
Technical Writing

Interested in agency quality research and development without the big agency price tag? You have come to the right place.

I specialize in building modern research tools that are fast, cheap, eat big data for breakfast, and have analyzed information ready by lunch.

I live in Portland, Oregon, but am happy to work remotely with your global team. I am available by the hour, project, or on retainer.

phone212.203.6992 [PST Business Hours]


Commission a study, offload overflow analytical work, get help with complex statistics or test designs, or keep me on retainer to act as an on-demand research resource for all of your staff.


Having trouble translating your product idea into an actionable plan in language that engineers understand? I can marshall whatever engineering and design resources you need to turn your product idea into a reality.


Like websites, apps can be as simple or complex as you want. Want to automate tedious computer tasks? Want to centralize a bunch of info that currently lives in multiple copies of Excel? How about a real-time dashboard that sends you a text message when something interesting happens? This kind of custom functionality is no longer the sole domain of large enterprise businesses spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Apps are unique, so pricing and staffing will depend on the complexity of each app. Simple web apps that host custom dashboards, automated data processing using Python, e-commerce websites with 50 SKUs or less, or basic websites with custom content management systems (CMS) can be created very inexpensively. For more complex apps, I will assemble and manage a team. I have a solid network of designers, engineers, data scientists, computer vision experts, and AI/Machine Learning experts and employ them as needed. We use an Agile framework for development, and prefer cloud-based "serverless" apps that can easily be accessed by anyone on a global team.


Whether you need something technical written for a general consumer audience, or want loose ideas turned into a thoroughly researched and crisply written text for a technical audience, I can write what is needed in language appropriate for the audience.

I have written dozens of books and analyst reports on topics ranging from automation of the marketing technology stack, to social media marketing tactics, and crypto-currency history and technical trading tactics. I have a degree in English Literature and also wrote a novel.

Want to sample the writing? Check out the BLOG.




Until 2018, I was the COO of a startup called Emotion Reader where I designed the prototype of a bio-metric video analytics and testing tool, worked with clients to understand their needs, and worked with our team of engineers to ensure we built the tools our clients wanted.

As VP Of Consumer Research and Product Development for the IPG Media Lab, I got lots of hands-on experience designing custom research methodologies and building custom research software tools.

I learned to code at PDX Code Guild, completing a 16-week full-stack developer course with an emphasis on Python and JavaScript.

As you can see in the chart below, there is a weak but noticeable correlation between my enthusiasm for the various skills I posess, and the skill level I have attained. It is up for debate as to which factor is causal (yes, that was a statistics joke).

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